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Adoption Advertising/baby To Love

Warren County, Georgia
United States

Type: Facilitator

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Review by Vada submitted on February, 11, 2011 at 07:37 PM

Adoption Details:

Child's Age: 0y 0m
Start Date: Jul 2010
Status: Homestudy and documentation
Type: Open, Domestic, Interstate
Special Needs: No
Child from Tucson, Arizona, United States

Vada's Ratings:
Pros: NONE

Cons: Adoption Advertising did not honor their contract after takig our money.

Reviews: I think the comment from the person that said they went the Adoption Advertising becasue of a no "waiting list" must be a false review. I have called over 20 adoption agencies and NOT one has a "waiting list". I am writng becasue of my bad experience with Adoption Advertising. They asked for their money in full up front. They kept calling and giving me conflicting information, say do this, then call the next day and say don't do that. Then they dropped me saying that I broke the contract. I acted in accordance with the contract. I also think it is fishy that the agency I used has a VA address but the website list a UT phone number and on this website the agency list a GA address. All three have the same employees listed, Flossie Dalia and Sarah Dalia sometimes listed as Sarah Bodily.

Review by guest submitted on June, 10, 2010 at 12:35 PM

Adoption Details:

Child's Age: 0y 0m
Start Date: Sep 2008
Status: Finalized
Completion Date: Apr 2009
Time Until Placement: 7 months
Type: Semi-Open, Domestic, Intrastate
Special Needs: No
Child from Iowa, United States

guest's Ratings:
Pros: My husband and I had looked into traditional adoption agencies, but were discouraged because of the long waiting lists and also being told that we may have difficulty being matched because we already had a biological child, so birthmothers may not choose us. Friends of ours recommended using this facilitator because they had adopted their two children successfully with their help. Although we were skeptical to move forward because it seemed too easy to be true, at that point we had nothing to lose! We knew the risks going into it, that is with any path to adoption. There was always a chance that the birthmother would not go through with it and we could lose money, but we were told this from the beginning. The money that we paid the facilitator ($7,200) would be refunded or used towards another match if something fell through in the process, as long as it was not due to something we did. To us that was encouraging because if that was the case through an agency, that money would be gone. We knew that other money put out for legal fees & birthmother expenses would be lost, but that happens no matter what way you choose to adopt. If the birthmother changes her mind, that's just the way it goes, unfortunately. We were initially matched in June 2008, but by July the birthmother changed her mind and decided to keep her baby. We were devastated! We decided to be rematched & did not have to put out a dime for that. We were rematched in Sept.2008 and on Jan. 21, 2009, we were holding our brand new daughter. I no that we were very lucky because we were matched with a young woman who knew she couldn't take care of this child and her family was extremely supportive of the adoption. I was told by my friend going into this that the facilitator basically matched you and you were on your own, but that they were there if you needed them & they really were. I didn't care I bothered the hell out of them anytime I had a question or was stressing about something, I called!!! I think that is the key, don't expect them to call you and check in on you, I learned that it's up to you to make it happen & if that means constantly calling or emailing then that's what you have to do!! Our adoption was finalized in April 2009 and our daughter has made our family complete! I would do it again in a heartbeat (of course we couldn't afford to!!!!)

Cons: It really is up to you when you choose to use a facilitator. Their job is to match you with a birthmother and then it is your responsibility to establish a relationship of trust with this person. I'm sure there is more support going through a traditional agency/attorney, but I think adoption is a big risk any way you choose to do it. The biggest risk is the birthmother changing her mind regardless of her reason, deciding to keep the baby and raise herself or just being a scam artist trying to get money!!!

Reviews: You need to be very careful of the situation you choose and decide to be matched with. If the birthmother is unsure, the birthfather is against, the families aren't supportive of this decision, etc. These are all red flags that would make me reconsider that particular situation. We were lucky because in our situation we knew there was no way she could change her mind, she already had 2 kids that she did not have custody of, the boyfriend didn't care what she did and wanted nothing to do with her or the baby, and her mother was very supportive (had also put up a baby for adoption when she was younger). We have an open adoption, which means we send emails and pics every so often and that works for us!!! I truly wish anyone trying to adopt good luck no matter what path to adoption you choose. It is the hardest thing I've ever done in my life, but soooo worth it. Stick with it and it will eventually happen for you too!

Review by guest submitted on January, 5, 2010 at 12:18 PM

Adoption Details:

Child's Age: 0y 0m
Start Date: May 2009
Status: Withdrew voluntarily
Type: Semi-Open, Domestic, Intrastate
Special Needs: No
Child from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States

guest's Ratings:
Pros: It took us 2 1/2 months to get even part of our $10,000 back from Baby to Love, but we did receive some of our funds back. There were no positive aspects of dealing with this facilitator.

Cons: My husband and I had a nightmare with Baby to Love/Adoption Advertising as well. In June 2009, we were contacted by our agency about a potential birthmother who happened to be through Baby to Love/Adoption Advertising. We had not used a facilitator in the past. Our agency and Baby to Love (Flossie) assured us that this was a low risk situation, no drugs, both birthparents were on board, etc. All along the way, Baby to Love treated us like a checkbook requiring $10,000 within 24 hours to "match" us prior to giving us the birthparent's contact info. They did not communicate well with us at all once we gave them the money. We talked to the birthparents on the phone several times, we drove from Kansas to Pittsburg, PA for the birth. The match completely fell apart due to the birthmother not choosing adoption. I believe that we never had a good, solid match, the birthmother wasn't screened, it was the birthfather pushing for adoption the entire time. Our agency's social worker (who was unhelpful at best) couldn't do anything from the match or even get a reason as to why the birthparents put us through all that if they weren't going to place and the birthmother never had any intentions to place (which is what she ended up telling the hospital social worker and our social worker 24 hours later). Long story, long drive home.... It took us 2 1/2 months to get even part of our $10,000 back from Baby to Love. It was a nightmare, they should not be allowed to be in operation. I urge you, please, use an accredited, responsible, professional agency instead! Don't let your despiration get the best of you!

Reviews: Do not use them.