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Adoption Advocates

Adoption Advocates International (Aai) 709 South Peabody
Seattle, Washington 98362
United States

Type: Private Agency

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Review by hope4adoption submitted on December, 7, 2007 at 08:53 PM

Adoption Details:

Child's Age: 5y 0m
Start Date: Jan 2002
Status: Finalized
Type: Semi-Open, Domestic, Intrastate
Special Needs: No
Child from Arlington, Washington, United States

hope4adoption's Ratings:
Pros: Can't say enough good things about this agency. When necessary they do absoluely become an ADVOCATE for your new family and the best interests of the child no matter who it means they have to go up against. Amazingly fast, efficient and resourceful. They know their stuff and don't allow paper work or the process to be more complicated than it has to be in order to draw out the process and money out of their pocket. I wish we would have gone to them (Gay) first. It would have saved us a major amount of heart ache and many thousands of dollars. Adoption doesn't have to be unaffordable! The first time we met with them we made the trip to their offices (un-necessarily - they would have met us in Seattle). After that every appointment was at our home... very easy to work with and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!


Reviews: we completed two domestic adoptions with their help! one was a newborn when we got her and the other was five. we have been soooooooooooo blessed!