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Adoptions From The Heart

2212 Union Blvd
Allentown, Pennsylvania 18109
United States

Type: Private Agency

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Review by becky submitted on December, 22, 2011 at 09:38 PM

Adoption Details:

Child's Age: 0y 0m
Start Date: May 2011
Status: Finalized
Completion Date: Dec 2011
Time Until Placement: 7 months
Type: Closed, Domestic, Interstate
Special Needs: No
Child from Carlial, Pennsylvania, United States

becky's Ratings:
Pros: Our agency was full of very supportive, kind, and knowledgable staff members. They were able to answer all of our questions and were also there for emotional support when needed. They were especially there for us when we came close to a disruption and were able to give us support as well as provide other people who had been thru similar situations that could be another form of a support system as well. We would use them again if we ever decided to adopt a 3rd child and would recomend them to anyone else who is interested in adoption.

Cons: None that we experienced

Reviews: none