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3300 E Union
Seattle, Washington 98122
United States

Type: Private Agency

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Review by lovechildren submitted on June, 19, 2012 at 08:45 PM

Adoption Details:

Child's Age: 0y 0m
Start Date: Sep 2011
Status: Withdrew voluntarily
Type: Open, Domestic, Interstate
Special Needs: No
Child from Washington, United States

lovechildren's Ratings:
Pros: -agency case worker was good and kind person -they state they will work with anyone, regardless of race, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, religion, marital status, etc. -they do, in fact, work with gay/lesbian couples as well as single parents -advised/warned about possible discrimination issues with State case workers and how to approach and prepare for

Cons: -poor communication -seems to be somewhat disorganized -prolonged homestudy phase indefinitely -closed our file without explanation although excellent references, clean background, got along well with case worker, and met or exceeded all requirements -not upfront or honest about internal discrimination issues within agency

Reviews: There are many successful adoption, foster-to-adopt, and foster child placements. If you are the right kind of clients --according to the personal prejudices of the decision makers-- this could be a good agency for you. If not, they will not be upfront with you, and will instead try to wear you down by creating new requirements, extra work, extra forms, extra interviews, etc., apparently hoping you will choose to withdraw. We contacted case workers from three other agencies to find out if the process and requirements seemed normal or appropriate for us; they were confused and thought perhaps it was a misunderstanding. We were strung along for nine months, did everything demanded of us. They told us all was going forward, then dropped, file closed by mail with partial fees refunded and very vague letter. Request for explanation has been ignored. They misled us and wasted our time, which they cannot give back to us. Had they been honest and upfront with us from the beginning, we could have directed our hope, time and resources toward other options. There is nothing they can do or say to regain our trust. If you choose to work with them, be prepared that all may not be as it seems or as you're told. We wish you better luck and success than we had.