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Chinese Children Adoption International (CCAI)

6920 South Holly Circle
Headquarters/Service Center
Centennial, Colorado 80112
United States

Type: Private Agency

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Review by jilloney submitted on April, 10, 2012 at 03:15 AM

Adoption Details:

Child's Age: 8y 3m
Start Date: Jul 2009
Status: Finalized
Completion Date: Sep 2010
Time Until Placement: 14 months
Type: Closed, International
Special Needs: Yes
Child from China

jilloney's Ratings:
Pros: We will complete our 2nd adoption with CCAI in the summer of 2012. Love them! This agency is large, which I like because it feels very stable. I don't worry about it going out of business anytime soon. Despite its size, it somehow feels like a small family agency. Everyone is very personable and kind. When I call or email, I feel like everyone I talk to is aware of me and my situation. They also know their stuff! They are incredibly knowledgeable and I have never had a question they couldn't answer. They are great about communicating. Emails and phone calls are timely. There have never been any surprises (with fees, paperwork, etc.). I've never worried about missing a step with CCAI. They definitely hold your hand and let you know the next steps in the process well ahead of time. In-country guides are excellent! CCAI really shines with their travel support. They also do a good job matching. They have an agency specific list and they also match from the shared list. They share their matching statistics in each month's newsletter. They have very good relations with China. I have also noticed that compared to some other agencies who do China adoptions, some parts of the process seem to move a bit faster (like waiting for a LID or LOA).

Cons: We were in another state for our first adoption (NM) and so we had to find our own social worker to do our homestudy. They have recommendations in most states, but I guess NM is small. I would have likedto work with a CCAI social worker. (On the other hand, we are currently living in Beijing and they DO have their own social worker here in China!)

Reviews: We are currently working on our second special needs adoption with CCAI. Would HIGHLY recommend them for a China adoption! I think it also says something that they were ranked #1 adoption agency by China (in 2011).

Review by egmmom submitted on October, 12, 2009 at 09:25 AM

Adoption Details:

Child's Age: 3y 8m
Start Date: Dec 2006
Status: Finalized
Completion Date: Sep 2009
Time Until Placement: 33 months
Type: Closed, International
Special Needs: Yes
Child from China

egmmom's Ratings:
Pros: They are a very large agency that operates like a small one- as in, you feel as though you are getting great one-on-one care. They are fantastic about turnaround time on calls and emails, and are extremely supportive in answering any and all questions. I worked with this agency twice and would do so again given the opportunity to adopt from China a second time. My first adoption was canceled due to family circumstances and again, they were outstanding in being supportive and guiding me through the process of withdrawing my papwerwork from China, while being very compassionate about what was for me a tremendous loss. For this adoption, I felt so well taken care of- is any agency perfect? Of course not. But I think CCAI is perhaps one of the very best.

Cons: I would like more visibility in their special needs program, and this was a common concern amoung many parents waiting for a referral- and the wait time was long as CCAI puts the children first and is working on projects in Henan province to help those children find homes. I support that mission 100% but often felt we were not being informed as to what kind of needs were being seen/matched, statistically. Thankfully, they have recently made changes and now send out a monthly newsletter for waiting child families that includes this information. For me, this was meaningful as it helped me reassess what needs I was open to and rethink some that were commonly seen.

Reviews: There in China staff was outstanding. :O)