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Datz Foundation

Vienna, Virginia
United States

Type: Private Agency

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Review by clubman6 submitted on August, 14, 2011 at 09:02 AM

Adoption Details:

Child's Age: 9y 0m
Start Date: Apr 2010
Status: Homestudy and documentation
Type: Closed, International
Special Needs: No
Child from Russian Federation

clubman6's Ratings:
Pros: The process started well.

Cons: Follow-up communication is very difficult. As others have said, you have to stay on top of them in order to get any information. Indifference is a big problem. Even the young man who answers the phone is rude. The largest issue is that they failed to tell us we needed two documents to complete our homestudy - after we were told for 6 weeks that we needed just one piece of paper. When we finally got that paper then - and only then - were we told we needed two more. One of these will take about 2-3 weeks more to get. This will end up delaying our adoption process by about a month, if it doesn't derail it completely. When it was pointed out that they made a signficant error all we got was the e-mail version of a shoulder shrug. I cannot recommend this agency.

Reviews: Datz was recommended to us as an efficient, but brusque, organization. We were told that they would get the paperwork done well if we could put up with the attitude. Well, we put up with the attitude, but the efficiency definitely was not there.

Review by ktjackson421 submitted on December, 5, 2007 at 01:12 AM

Adoption Details:

Child's Age: 4y 0m
Start Date: Dec 2002
Status: Finalized
Completion Date: Jun 2003
Time Until Placement: 6 months
Type: Semi-Open, International
Special Needs: No
Child from Voronezh/Pavlovsk, Russian Federation

ktjackson421's Ratings:
Pros: The coordinator locally was Russian and she was very competent and helpful to me, beyond what was called for. They work very quickly and seem very child-oriented - eager to place children in loving homes.

Cons: None. My Russian daughter is happy and healthy and very loving. I am thankful every day for the Datz Foundation.

Reviews: None