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Prikazka - International Adoption Agency

1 Kraishte Str
1 Fl. 1 Ap.

Type: Private Agency

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Review by Prikazka submitted on February, 12, 2010 at 12:14 AM

Adoption Details:

Child's Age: 1y 0m
Start Date: Mar 2009
Status: Finalized
Completion Date: May 2009
Time Until Placement: 2 months
Type: Semi-Open, International
Special Needs: Yes
Child from London, United Kingdom

Prikazka's Ratings:
Pros: If you have read the first two small chapters in our guiding book you must be sure that in life the memorable moments, makes us different from others. The glory and joy of fighting life is what counts. You must be happy more than anyone what you have done and what you have achieved by adopting a child. There is not much greater cause of this, to help an unwanted child to grow to an adult and to teach him/her to do the same to who needed. I am encouraging you,… you who is reading this …this moment right now…of you thinking about it wouldn’t stay here for ages or centuries, it would be gone..., leave something behind this moment - adopt a child change your life and the life of someone in need. You have your fate and the fate of your child is in your hands right now…, the road is long…sometimes you are thinking – “Am I right?” -“Am I on the right way?” Where I want to be? - The answers all depend on you. Nobody else at the moment can change this, do something memorable and you would love this feeling of joy and happiness that you won in the fight with the life.

Cons: No problems

Reviews: Every family which has made this decision needs to understand the adoption and guardianship of a child, which would become a member of the family. This is a commitment which is more important in your life then your marriage. You must make this child feel welcomed and show him how much you care for him or her. Most of the children come from a background, where many times they don’t know their parents. Adoption means making a lifelong commitment to a child, as the way you threat him/her, you should aspect the same to threat you when you become older or ill. It is hard to make him/her…to say: “Mother and Father…”, but you would be surprised and very pleased when you hear it for first time from them. “-Wow” …imagine holding his/hers hand, looking through his eyes and making this warm contact with him/her making him/her feel wanted. The body language must be calm and not offensive, you could scare him/her or could make him/her cry and stressed. In the family always threat him fairly with respect as he/she always have been in your family and would remain there. Helped him/her in school, encourage them to play with other kids and children, make him/her really wanted, and be there for him/her when calls you and needs you. Many families when adopt a child at age of 5 or younger keep the adoption in secret from him/her till the child grows up. The child is much easier to adapt with this kept secret surrounded of other kids and children who have birth parents and families. Imagine how big the stress would have been if he/she just developed very personal relationships with the adoptive family and from nowhere comes ….” I am not your real father or mother”. So parents you must be very careful if you discuss between each other some moments through the adoption process…he/she could sneak and hear…your talks and the child would be distressed and confused. You decide would you tell him the through one day or no. But it is very easy to make babies, it is more responsible to care for them and watch them grow up in your shelter.