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Shore Adoption

287 Independence Blvd, Pembroke 2, Suite 219
Virginia Beach, Virginia 757.687.8623462
United States

Type: Public Agency

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Review by sgoode submitted on January, 29, 2009 at 06:39 AM

Adoption Details:

Child's Age: 0y 0m
Start Date: Aug 2008
Status: Placement
Type: Open, Domestic, Interstate
Special Needs: No
Child from Hampton, Virginia, United States

sgoode's Ratings:
Pros: After a great deal of research and interviewing, we selected Shore Adoption due to the experience with Parental Placement adoption and the reasonable price point. From the very beginning, the warmth with which we were received by our agency social worked was remarkable. We truly felt like we had a compassionate partner with the support she provided our birth mother and our family. The office is very small- not a lot of bells and whistles- which may be intimidating for some, but the organization of the support staff and our case worker was thorough and well-communicated. Our social worker was available during weekends for meetings to accomodate the rigorous schedule of all the parties involved and drove well out of her way to create a comfortable, mutual meeting place. The post placement support the agency has been able to provide to our birth mother has been great as one can never underestimate the loss a birth mother feels even when the decision to adopt is completely elective. Shore Adoption did a nice job of explaining the cost of the adoption process and there were no hidden fees. The homestudy process was very easy once you get through the large amounts of paperwork required to prepare. Another thing we liked about them was their flexibility- we started the adoption process in August and our son was born in November, so time was of the essence. Shore Adoption did not nickel and dime us with expediting fees and were as focussed on completing the process ina timely fashion as we were. It was a very positive experience for us.

Cons: The only thing that may throw people off is that their office is very small. When we went in for our interviews and meetings, the social worker was literally opening the office and she was the only one there at times. I liked that there wasn't that overwhelming corporate feel to the office, but others might view that as too small and expect something that feels more professional and business like (I admittedly was worried about it the first time I went into the office, but once we got to know our case worker we were very comfortable that we were in a professional environment.) The lack of a huge support staff is probably one way that they can keep their fees so reasonable. The same services with other agencies in the area were 2 to 3 times the cost. I liked that Shore Adoption didn't make me feel like they were a business employed to make money off of the desperation of potential adoptive parents.

Reviews: We selected our attorney by doing a ton of research. Though she was out of Richmond (we are in Hampton Roads), she is incredibly well versed in the process of adoption and surrogacy and has spear headed efforts to adapt legislation to protect the rights of adoptive parents. Her fees were reasonable given the service and absolute thorough nature of her approach. Her recommendation for the attorney for our birth mother was also on point. Both ladies were/are a pleasure to work with and helped us navigate this rather complex process with ease.