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Adoption Agency Reviews, Ratings, Rankings and Testimonials Adoption Agencies Reviews, Ratings, Rankings and Testimonials

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1 Connecting Hearts Adoption Services Windermere, Florida, United States 10.000 Graph Agency
2 Caring For Kids Munroe Falls, Ohio, United States 10.000 Graph Agency
3 Child Adoption Associates New York, New York, United States 10.000 Graph Agency
4 Happy Families International Center Cold Spring, New York, United States 10.000 Graph Agency
5 The Adoption Center Fort Walton Beach, Florida, United States 10.000 Graph Agency
6 Pact: An Adoption Alliance Oakland, California, United States 10.000 Graph Agency
7 Iaap Signal Hill, Tennessee, United States 10.000 Graph Agency
8 Advocates For Children And Families, Inc. North Miami Beach, Florida, United States 10.000 Graph Agency
9 Bundle Of Hope Ministries Jacksonville, Florida, United States 10.000 Graph Agency
10 The Barker Foundation Bethesda, Maryland, United States 10.000 Graph Agency
11 Adoption Advocates Seattle, Washington, United States 10.000 Graph Agency
12 Prikazka - International Adoption Agency Sofia, Bulgaria 10.000 Graph Agency
13 A Bond Of Love Sarasota, Florida, United States 10.000 Graph Agency
14 Little Bit Of Heaven Adoption 45662, Ohio, United States 9.913 Graph Agency
15 Heritage Adoption Services Portland, Oregon, United States 9.888 Graph Agency
16 Dillon International Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States 9.888 Graph Agency
17 Wide Horizons For Children Waltham, Massachusetts, United States 9.875 Graph Agency
18 Heart Of Adoptions, Inc. Naples, Florida, United States 9.863 Graph Agency
19 Michael Belfonte Kansas City, Missouri, United States 9.833 Graph Agency
20 A Love Beyond Borders Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States 9.750 Graph Agency
21 Adoption Affiliates San Antonio, Texas, United States 9.750 Graph Agency
22 Adoptions Together Baltimore, Maryland, United States 9.750 Graph Agency
23 A Loving Choice Adoption Associates Shrewsbury, New Jersey, United States 9.750 Graph Agency
24 Bado And Bado Edmond, Oklahoma, United States 9.750 Graph Agency
25 Gladney Center For Adoption Fort Worth, Texas, United States 9.714 Graph Agency
26 For This Child Dallas, Texas, United States 9.714 Graph Agency
27 Adopt An Angel International Hiawassee, Georgia, United States 9.667 Graph Agency
28 Life Adoption Services Tustin, California, United States 9.638 Graph Agency
29 Adoption Link Yellow Springs, Ohio, United States 9.625 Graph Agency
30 All God's Children International Portland, Oregon, United States 9.513 Graph Agency
31 Adoptions From The Heart Allentown, Pennsylvania, United States 9.500 Graph Agency
32 Heart Of Adoptions, Inc. Tampa, Florida, United States 9.425 Graph Agency
33 All About Love Adoptions Coatesville, Pennsylvania, United States 9.375 Graph Agency
34 Heart Of Adoptions, Inc. Orlando, Florida, United States 9.338 Graph Agency
35 Adoptingnewbornmiracles Olympia, Washington, United States 9.333 Graph Agency
36 Adoption Access Dallas, Texas, United States 9.313 Graph Agency
37 America World Adoption Association (awaa) Mclean, Virginia, United States 9.188 Graph Agency
38 Shore Adoption Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States 9.143 Graph Agency
39 Russian Adoption Family Service San Franciso, California, United States 9.143 Graph Agency
40 Holt International Leawood, Kansas, United States 9.125 Graph Agency
41 Adoptions From The Heart Wynnewood, Pennsylvania, United States 9.013 Graph Agency
42 Hope's Promise Castle Rock, Colorado, United States 9.000 Graph Agency
43 Generations Adoptions Waco, Texas, United States 8.929 Graph Agency
44 Procare Wellington, South Africa 8.875 Graph Agency
45 Saint Mary International Adoptions Charlotte, Alabama, United States 8.833 Graph Agency
46 Building Blocks Adoption Service, Inc. Medina, Ohio, United States 8.763 Graph Agency
47 A Baby Step Adoption Reading, Pennsylvania, United States 8.713 Graph Agency
48 Chinese Children Adoption International (CCAI) Centennial, Colorado, United States 8.563 Graph Agency
49 Adoption Ark Buffalo Grove, Illinois, United States 8.550 Graph Agency
50 Americans For African Adoptions (afaa) Indianapolis, Indiana, United States 8.463 Graph Agency
51 Lighthouse Adoptions Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States 8.150 Graph Agency
52 Frank Adoption Center Raleigh, North Carolina, United States 8.150 Graph Agency
53 Adoption Related Services, Inc Shrewsbury, Pennsylvania, United States 8.125 Graph Agency
54 Open Arms Adoption Network Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States 8.038 Graph Agency
55 About A Child West Des Moines, Iowa, United States 8.038 Graph Agency
56 Carolina Hope Christian Adoption Agency Greenville, South Carolina, United States 7.988 Graph Agency
57 Adopt Abroad Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, United States 7.975 Graph Agency
58 Children's Home Society & Family Services St Paul (Eustis St), Minnesota, United States 7.938 Graph Agency
59 Adoption Choices Of Colorado Evergreen, Colorado, United States 7.688 Graph Agency
60 Commonwealth Adoptions International, Inc. Tucson, Arizona, United States 7.675 Graph Agency
61 Adoption Hope International Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, United States 7.675 Graph Agency
62 One World Adoptions Flowery Branch, Georgia, United States 7.550 Graph Agency
63 Adoption Network Law Center Lake Forest, California, United States 7.475 Graph Agency
64 Datz Foundation Vienna, Virginia, United States 7.250 Graph Agency
65 Adopt-A-Child Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States 7.188 Graph Agency
66 Reachsource Adoptions Cape Elizabeth, Maine, United States 7.143 Graph Agency
67 Crossroads Edina, Alabama, United States 7.000 Graph Agency
68 Lifetime Adoption Rough & Ready, California, United States 6.929 Graph Agency
69 Adoption Centre Of Kansas Wichita, Kansas, United States 6.875 Graph Agency
70 West Sands Adoption St. George, Utah, United States 6.857 Graph Agency
71 Connections Adoption Services, Inc. Raymond, Maine, United States 6.443 Graph Agency
72 Baker Hall Dba Baker Victory Lackawanna [Buffalo], New York, United States 6.375 Graph Agency
73 Carolina Adoption Services Greensboro, North Carolina, United States 6.350 Graph Agency
74 Children's Hope International Phoenix, Arizona, United States 6.250 Graph Agency
75 Tedi Bear Adoptions Neptune Beach, Florida, United States 6.167 Graph Agency
76 Adoption Connections, Inc Andover, Kansas, United States 6.163 Graph Agency
77 Mlj Adoptions. Inc. Indianapolis , Indiana, United States 6.088 Graph Agency
78 Family To Family Adoption Richmond, Texas, United States 5.688 Graph Agency
79 A Childs Dream Poulsbo, Washington, United States 5.586 Graph Agency
80 Independent Adoption Center Pleasant Hill, California, United States 5.563 Graph Agency
81 Across The World Adoptions Pleasent Hill, California, United States 5.500 Graph Agency
82 Open Adoption And Family Services Portland, Oregon, United States 5.250 Graph Agency
83 Celebrate Children, International Oviedo, Alabama, United States 5.188 Graph Agency
84 Gods Families International Adoption Services Trabuco Canyon, California, United States 5.000 Graph Agency
85 Adoption Advertising/baby To Love Warren County, Georgia, United States 4.700 Graph Agency
86 Project Oz Adoptions Tarboro, North Carolina, United States 4.625 Graph Agency
87 Illien Adoptions International Atlanta, Georgia, United States 4.463 Graph Agency
88 Childpromise Somerdale, New Jersey, United States 4.338 Graph Agency
89 Adoption Resource Center Parkland, Florida, United States 4.000 Graph Agency
90 Adoption Document Specialists Intl Katy, Texas, United States 3.600 Graph Agency
91 Adoption Associates Jenison, Michigan, United States 3.250 Graph Agency
92 Mucciante & Aubrey Detroit, Michigan, United States 3.200 Graph Agency
93 Child And Parent Services Bingham Farms, Michigan, United States 3.071 Graph Agency
94 Angeldance International Denver, Colorado, United States 3.000 Graph Agency
95 Hands Across The Water Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States 2.900 Graph Agency
96 Christian World Adoption (cwa) Flat Rock, North Carolina, United States 2.875 Graph Agency
97 A New Arrival Twin Bridges, Montana, United States 2.775 Graph Agency
98 Catholic Charities Of The Diocese Of Arlington ~ Adoption And Pregnancy Services Burke, Virginia, United States 2.500 Graph Agency
99 International Family Services Newberg, Oregon, United States 2.375 Graph Agency
100 Adoptions From The Heart Chesapeake, Virginia, United States 2.250 Graph Agency
101 Focus On Children Cokeville, Wyoming, United States 2.167 Graph Agency
102 Sunshine Adoptions Brookfield, Wisconsin, United States 2.000 Graph Agency
103 Reliable Adoption Pheonix, Arizona, United States 1.900 Graph Agency
104 Americans Seattle, Washington, United States 1.875 Graph Agency
105 Alliance For Children Needham, Massachusetts, United States 1.857 Graph Agency
106 Adoptions Unlimited, Inc. Chino, California, United States 1.800 Graph Agency
107 International Adoption Net (ian) Centennial, Colorado, United States 1.667 Graph Agency
108 Amara Seattle, Washington, United States 1.500 Graph Agency
109 Holt International Trenton, New Jersey, United States 1.500 Graph Agency
110 Small World Adoption Agency Manchester, Missouri, United States 1.429 Graph Agency
111 Valley Of Hope Woodstock, Georgia, United States 1.333 Graph Agency
112 Adoption Choice, Inc. Milwaukee, Wi Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States 1.286 Graph Agency
113 Adoption For Families Springfield, Missouri, United States 1.250 Graph Agency
114 Huminska's Anioly Woodtock, Georgia, United States 1.214 Graph Agency
115 Adoptions From The Heart Greensburg, Pennsylvania, United States 1.167 Graph Agency
116 Heart To Heart Adoption Royal Palm Beach, Florida, United States 1.000 Graph Agency
117 Adoption Advantage Little Rock, Arkansas, United States 1.000 Graph Agency
118 Wyoming Children's Society Cheyenne, Wyoming, United States 1.000 Graph Agency
119 Huminska's Anioly Woodstock, Georgia, United States 1.000 Graph Agency
120 Lutheran Social Services Eau Claire, Wisconsin, United States 1.000 Graph Agency